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Fibre: The Hidden Hero of Health

The world of health and wellness is becoming increasingly flooded with information- and it can quickly get overwhelming to keep up with new developments. Amidst a sea of dietary trends and health regimens, one often overlooked yet essential nutrient stands tall: fibre. 

What's the Deal with Fibre?

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Fibre is more than just a tool for better digestion; it reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Surprisingly, a vast majority of both adults and children—95%—do not meet the recommended daily intake, leading to widespread deficiency.
Health organisations in the United States and Canada suggest that women and men consume at least 25 grams and 38 grams of fibre daily, respectively.
However, the average person barely consumes 15 grams & those following low-carb diets may ingest as little as 10 grams daily. Despite its crucial role in our diet, fibre intake remains alarmingly low, making it a public health concern that demands more attention.

The Path to Enhanced Well-being

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Achieving the daily recommended fibre intake could improve your health- as high-fibre consumers are 19% less likely to die from any cause compared to those who intake the least amount.
Being a non-digestible carbohydrate, fibre bypasses absorption in our gut and serves as nourishment for beneficial gut bacteria. There are two primary types:
  1. Soluble Fibre: Dissolves in water, helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and supports gut bacteria.
  2. Insoluble Fibre: Does not dissolve, aiding in digestion and preventing constipation.

Fibre is less caloric than other carbs, which typically provide four calories per gram, making it ideal for weight management.

Comprehensive Benefits of Fibre

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Beyond aiding digestion, fibre is instrumental in:
  • Reducing risks of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.
  • Managing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Supporting immune function and brain health.
  • Enhancing longevity and reducing inflammation.

Choosing the Right Fibre Source

While fibre supplements are convenient, they often contain only one type of fibre, missing out on the broad spectrum of benefits that whole-food-based fibres offer. For optimal gut health, a variety of sources, alongside probiotics and healthy fats, is essential for comprehensive dietary benefits.

Ultimate Daily Cleanse: A Superior Fibre Choice

Our Ultimate Daily Cleanse is not just another fibre supplement. This whole-food-based product combines 14 grams of fibre from diverse sources like Canadian flax, psyllium husk, organic quinoa, organic chia seed, organic pumpkin seed, and organic sprouted brown rice with essential fats and probiotics, making it a powerhouse for gut health.

The Takeaway

Increasing your daily fibre intake is a simple yet effective way to enhance overall health. Aim for the recommended 25-38 grams of fibre daily and observe noticeable health improvements in just a few weeks. Embrace the fibre-rich lifestyle to not just live longer but to thrive. 

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